Flight safety is the main function of our activity. We are devoted to the cause of developing, implementing, realization, continued implementation and improvement of policies and practices to ensure our aviation activity, which is developing in conditions of balanced distribution resources of organization, directed to achieve the highest level of safety and compliance with national and international standards by providing our services

The management at all levels and all staff are responsible for achieving the highest level of flight safety, beginning from Director of Air Company.

We commit ourselves to:

PROVIDE AIRLINE SUPPORT through the provision of appropriate recourses, that will create organizational culture which encourages the introduction of safe practices, promote the effective provision of information on flight safety and exchange of it, and actively manages the flight safety as well, giving the same value as the result of other management systems organizations.

IMPUTE control of flight safety in the management of primary responsibility of all manages and employees.

CLEARLY identify for all personnel (both manages and ordinary employees) sphere under their responsibility and obligations in regard to ensuring flight safety, organization and effective functioning of our management system of airline system.

DEVELOP AND APPLY processes to identify hazards and required control and risk management, including a system for providing information about hazards in order to eliminate or reduce risk factors for flight safety, connected with the consequences of risk factors, arising from production operations, to the lowest practicable level.

GUARANTEE that any employee against who reports a problem of flight safety through a system of hazard date reporting, no measures will be taken, except if such notice is reasonably wrongdoing actions, gross negligence or intentional malicious violation of the rules and procedures.

OBSERVE and where possible exceed the legal and normative requirements and standards.

ENSURE the availability of sufficient skilled and trained human resources for realization the strategy of the process to ensure the flight safety.

GURANTEE the providing all the staff adequate and appropriate information about the flight safety and appropriate training to be competent in the questions of flight safety and tasks to fulfill have to be comparable with its qualifications.

IDENTIFY AND EVALUATE effectiveness of ensure of flight safety in comparison with real indicators of effectiveness of flight safety and flight safety targets.

CONSTANTLY IMPROVE our effectiveness to ensure flight safety by means of management processes, which ensure taking appropriate and effective measures in the sphere of flight safety.

GUARANTEE the correspondence of the provided from the external source systems and services to ensure our production operations to our flight safety standards

Director LLC «MAXIMUS AIRLINES», Wamedh R. Abd Alrazak.

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